Jack’s Beliefs


 Jack Maddux is pro-life, period.  Jack Maddux knows when life begins; life begins at conception.  Our current Congressman refuses to state when life begins.

National Security

Jack Maddux is a veteran of the United States Navy.  As a veteran, Jack believes firmly in a strong national defense.  Our current Congressman sided with former President Barack Hussein Obama by voting to cut defense spending as recently as 2015.


Tennessee has a proud heritage of prosperity through hard work and we all know a fragile economy responds directly to Jobs.  Small business should be our primary focus and small business owners seeking success for themselves and their employees will have a greater voice through Jack Maddux.  Jack Maddux will sponsor legislation that works toward returning the United States of America to the global manufacturing power it once was and Jack Maddux knows this will partly start in the 4th District.

Government Debt

Jack Maddux supports eliminating financial waste, fraud and corruption in every facet of government spending.  Jack Maddux will ensure we run the government with simple financial principals instilled in our businesses’ success.  He will do this by controlling debt, not spending outside our means, rewarding hard work – and with a vision that will be passed along to future generations so we can continue to be a prosperous Nation. Imagine all of the good that can be accomplished for people struggling financially if we follow these simple guiding principles


Obamacare is not only a heavy financial burden on many individuals and families and Jack Maddux will do his part to repeal it and fix the broken promises of a flawed system.  Jack Maddux will fight to keep your doctor and your health plan affordable. Hospitals and doctors now do more with less.  Jack Maddux will fight to restore the care back to the patients and keep it out of the hands of bureaucrats.  Jack Maddux supports the freedom of competition, individual choices, and the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship in order to provide real affordable healthcare.


The American landscape has an abundance of natural resources along with great minds upon which to begin the journey of energy independence.  Congressional Candidate Jack Maddux believes the current state of stifling regulations on domestic energy source, such as coal, has proven only to line the pockets of other countries, while rising costs at home have forced hard working Americans to compromise on things such as food, shelter and healthcare.  Energy independence creates American jobs and increases our security by reducing our national reliance on nations who wish to threaten our great people.


Our founding fathers came here in search of a better life and freedom.  We are a nation of immigrants, founded on ideas and cultures from all over the world.  Jack Maddux believes we are a nation of laws and citizenship is a privilege not a right.  We must all do our part to stop the current influx of illegal immigrants and continue to fight the illegal drug traffic which continues to grow.  These issues jeopardize national security and increase the financial impact for all citizens of the great state of Tennessee and the  United States. Law enforcement agencies must be given the funding and resources necessary to secure our borders against future illegal border crossings and enforce our current laws.  We all must empower them and support them as they help serve and protect the citizens of our great nation.  We must all do our part to reduce the opportunities for terrorists and others to make illegal border crossings a point on entry into the United States. Talk of amnesty without legal repercussions seriously downplays the importance of the efforts made by law abiding citizens and disrespects our laws.

Medicare and Social Security

 Our Medicare and Social Security programs are broken. Jack Maddux will do his part to reform them while keeping in mind helping those who need it, rewarding the years of hard work for those who have earned it and giving them the joy of a worry free retirement.  Future generations are looking to us to create solutions and Jack Maddux will help so our children may enjoy a fulfilling life as a senior.  Jack Maddux knows our children are our future.  Jack Maddux will support measures to secure Medicare and Social Security for generations to come.

2nd Amendment

Jack Maddux believes firmly in the right for Americans to bear arms.  As Americans it is our right to bear arms whether it be for sporting, recreation, or security.  Jack Maddux and his wife of 31 years  both have hand carry permits and believe all American citizens have the right and civic duty to protect themselves and those in harms way.

States’ Rights

Jack Maddux knows big government is not the answer.  Tennessee has needs which based on factors specific to its cultures, beliefs, climates, and economic factors.  Jack Maddux will do his part for states rights and he will help protect Tennessee and the 4th District against sweeping, big government programs that are not in alignment with the values and concerns of Tennesseans.


 Our Veterans fought to protect the freedoms and safeguard the way of life we so genuinely cherish as Americans. Jack Maddux is a honorably discharged Navy veteran who understands  all veterans – past, present and fallen, deserve to be treated with the dignity and respect to which they are entitled. The treatment our veterans have received from the VA is disgraceful and Maddux vows to make efforts to do his part to revamp the VA system.

Law Enforcement

Jack Maddux is a former police officer who recognizes the current narrative being pushed by the Democrats and parts of the main stream media, that  Police Officers are the problem, is patently false and wholly unjust. Jack Maddux will support Law Enforcement Officers in every way he can.  Jack Maddux believes the drug war is worth fighting for the sake of our children.  Jack Maddux knows we much enact the tight strategy and secure our borders. Having worked the streets as a Chattanooga Police Officer, Jack Maddux legalization of drugs is not the answer.  He understands the real issues our communities are facing.  Jack Maddux will support legislation that is designed to tackle these problems directly and punish those who poison our communities.

Opioid/Heroin Epidemic

For Maddux, it is imperative that this be an area of focus. Like so many other families across our State, here the 4th district is impacted by this widespread abuse problem, Maddux recently experienced the loss of his brother due to the abuse of opioids for many years.  Jack Maddux will enforce current law and propose new laws to prevent these tragedies from occurring to other families.  Jack Maddux believes we must hold doctors accountable and make them face stiffer penalties when they break their medical oath to do no harm.  Jack Maddux believes that Methadone clinics and synthetic opioids are a large part of the problem.  Jack Maddux has witnessed the perils of addictions firsthand and the manifestation of family and social problems as a result of addiction destroying our communities.

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