Murfreesboro, TN “A couple of weeks ago I sent a letter to the
Desjarlais campaign requesting a formal debate on the issues. I have not
received a response. This is not how the good people of Tennessee expect
their Congressional representative to behave—especially when there are
pressing issues that concern every Tennessean”, stated Jack Maddux,
candidate for Tennessee’s 4th Congressional district.

Maddux also said, “Evidently Congressman Desjarlais is living up to his
nickname in DC, ‘the Quietest Congressman’, by ignoring repeated
requests for a public debate about the issues.”

Jack Maddux is a United States Navy Veteran, a former Chattanooga police
officer and a proven business leader and he seeks to replace incumbent
Scott Desjarlais.

Maddux also said, “Scott Desjarlais is all show and no go. We don’t need
a quiet congressman in DC, we need someone that will stand up and speak
out for the rights of our citizens—from the unborn to our veterans and
elderly. I will proudly and actively represent our district with zero
regard for being politically correct or trying to please the

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