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Murfreesboro, TN “Scott Desjarlais won’t say when life begins. That’s a proven fact, yet most of his supporters do not know that fact and should not trust he will stand up for the unborn”, stated Jack Maddux, candidate for US Congress from Tennessee’s 4th District. Jack Maddux is a United States Navy Veteran, a former Chattanooga police officer and a proven business leader and he seeks to replace incumbent Scott Desjarlais.

Maddux also said, “When I tell my fellow Tennesseans that not only will Scott Desjarlais not take a stand on when life begins, he also refused the microphone when Congress was questioning Planned Parenthood about video evidence that they sold aborted baby parts on the black market. He refused to even ask them one question. I believe that says everything we need to know about where he stands on abortion and life.”

As a middle-class man of faith, husband and father, Jack Maddux believes that life begins at conception, is sacred and precious in the sight of God and that it is our duty to protect innocent life at all costs.

To learn more about the campaign and Jack Maddux, visit www.Maddux4USCongress.com

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